How much do you know about the Chinese New Year customs?

30 januari 2023


Did you know that the 15 days starting from the first day of the Chinese New Year to the Lantern Festival are known as the New Year season? There are different customs during these 15 days. See below how many do you know?

Day 1: Celebrate New Year’s Day

Day 2: Visit Family and Friends

Day 3: Stay at Home

Day 4: Worship the God of Fortune

Day 5: Break Taboos

Day 6: Send Away the Ghost of Poverty

Day 7: Celebrate Humans

Day 8: Birthday of Rice

Day 9: Birthday of the Jade Emperor

Days 10 – 12: More Feasting

Day 13: Cleanse

Day 14: Decorate Lanterns

Day 15: Celebrate the Lantern Festival



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