Sichuan province is located at the upper reaches of Yangtze river, with abundance of food and natural resources. People living happily in an pleasant environment with great food and also accompanying by beautiful landscapes with many rivers going around grand mountain range. Sichuan is colloquially known as the “heavenly country”, reinforced by a traditional saying “enjoying the food in China, experiencing the taste in Sichuan”.

The most representative way to explain the speciality of Sichuan food culture is its Sichuan cuisine. There are 8 main cuisines in China, and Sichuan cuisine is the most well-known one. Due to the fact that the region of Sichuan has very humid living environment, Sichuan cuisine features in its rich, spicy and numbing flavours. Sichuan cuisine sensually applies 5 different kinds of taste, namely sweetness, saltiness, numbing flavour, spiciness, and sourness.


The taste that steals hearts

With the rich history behind Sichuan cuisine and its further development, it has become very well-known at home and all over the world and has won the favour of many people. There is a very authentic Sichuan restaurant - FuLu Mandarijn which is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

FuLu Mandarijn has more than 40 years of history, and it is very well-known as the best Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands ranking top 1 on many review websites. FuLU Mandarijn is in the centre of Amsterdam city centre, which provides you with great convenience to experiencing the authentic Sichuan cuisine and leaving you an unforgettable food journey.


Our chef also comes from Sichuan

FuLu Mandarijn has an excellent team with chefs coming from Sichuan province. These Sichuanese chefs have been very selective in the quality and freshness of their ingredients, and they are legendary for their ability to combine many different tastes into wonderful dishes. Taste is not the only important factor in their food, presenting them in a creative way is also one that highly valued by them.


You can taste the Chinese culture in our dishes

Besides the authentic Sichuan cuisine, FuLu Mandarijn has also devoted itself to bringing the charm of Chinese culture into the local Dutch. Do not miss out the opportunity to taste a sip in the collection of unique cocktails which very creatively combine Chinese ingredients and local Dutch drinks.



If you are coming for a visit in Amsterdam, or searching for authentic Chinese food near Dam Square, do not hesitate to come to FuLu Mandarijn for its amazing food!


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Location:Rokin 26, 1012KS, Amsterdam


Opening time

Monday                      11:30-22:00

Tuesday                      11:30-22:00

Wednesday                 11:30-22:00

Thursday                     11:30-22:00

Friday                          11:30-22:30

Saturday                     11:30-22:30

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