Unforgettable Amsterdam Chinese Sichuan Dining Experience

FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam is one of the best and famous Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands, which has more than 40 years of history. We are located in the heart of Amsterdam and present the most authentic Chinese Sichuan cuisine, which can create a lifelong addiction for you.

Our chefs combine local fresh ingredients and Chinese imported top Sichuan spices with flavours, textures and inventive presentations to excite your taste buds and satisfy your demanding epicure.

The focus of our drink menu has always been on bringing a neighbourhood vibe to the glamour of China. You can taste the most creative cocktails made with Local Dutch spirit and traditional Asian elements.

We believe food tastes better when sharing, therefore we offer the most traditional Chinese dining way- “Share-Dining” in our restaurant.


Culture and Hospitality

We are eager to deliver exceptional dining experiences and introduce Chinese food culture, by providing the authentic Chinese cuisine along with warm hospitality. Meanwhile we establish our vision as to let the overseas Chinese feel like home while away from home, and let the locals comprehend Chinese food culture by dining in FuLu Mandarijn.

With continuous improvement and innovation, FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam has won the praise of both Chinese and Western guests.

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan province is the birthplace of many dishes that are well-received globally. Sichuan food, originated from the Southwestern region of China, is the most widely served cuisine in China itself. The dishes of Sichuan cuisine are known for their deep and rich flavours, especially the taste of Sichuan pepper which is rare in other regional cuisines.

Sichuan cuisine holds a reputation for its variety of seasonings used, as each dish requires different cooking methods. As the saying goes, 'one dish with one flavour, with one hundred dishes come hundred flavours.’

Sichuan food is most well-known for its hot and spicy flavour, though it may sport sweet and sour flavours too, which is very different than Cantonese cuisine. The most commonly used spices you can find in most households and eateries are "The Five Fragrances" which consist of fennel, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, and clove; chilli and Sichuan pepper.

Source: China Highlights



Taste the Sichuan cuisine - get to know Chinese food again!
26 Nov
FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam is honored to be selected to participate in 'What the World Eats' series from Uber Eats. We are the only Chinese restaurant which has been chosen in the Netherlands! Let's tas…
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Exclusive offer!
29 Jun
Special discount for members only!
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周末阿姆有大活动哟!Sinterklaas要来了!Amsterdam Dam Square Big Party!
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本周末,圣尼古拉斯就来到阿姆斯特丹啦!Sinterklaas comes to Amsterdam! 今年是圣尼古拉斯来阿姆的80周年庆典,阿姆斯特丹会举行登陆及游行活动(游行会…
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荷兰阿姆斯特丹最美味螃蟹?来福禄酒楼就对了!Come to FuLu Mandarijn for the most tasty crab!
26 Oct
常言道:秋风起,蟹脚痒;菊花开,闻蟹来。 秋天不赏菊、不品蟹,哪还有什么趣味呢? 寻找荷兰最美味的螃蟹盛宴?来福禄酒楼就对了!
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Discover ADE, EDM, AMF, world-famous DJs - FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam
19 Oct
荷兰时间10月17日—10月21日,ADE(Amsterdam Dancing Event) 将在阿姆斯特丹顶级场馆及80多个中小型场地举办300多场活动,2000多名DJ将在当中献技,各种电子音乐风格EDM难得共聚一堂。
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Double Ninth Festival 中华传统佳节:九九重阳节
16 Oct
身在异乡的华人们,每逢遇到中华传统节日,总会流露出对故乡、对亲人的思念。 叶在漂泊,根在故乡。到不了的都叫做远方,回不去的名字叫家乡。 且不论是否有朝一日可以落叶归根,期许千年文化的精髓流传不息。
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Most popular Sichuan Dish in FuLu Mandarijn 福禄酒楼招牌川菜·辣子鸡
15 Oct
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Most Liked Sichuan Cold Dish 明星菜品之蒜泥白肉
13 Oct
熟悉川菜的食客们应该都吃过或者听过这道菜 - 蒜泥白肉。这道经典凉菜被福禄酒楼发扬广大,成了福禄远近闻名的“明星菜品”~ 今天咱们就来聊聊这道料理。
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