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Roasted whole fish with Tofu
26 juli
Roasted whole fish with tofu, mushroom, potato and onion with spicy sauce
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Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at FuLu with authentic Sichuan Cuisine
21 juni
Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at FuLu Mandarijn with authentic Sichuan Cuisine in the Center of Amsterdam
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5 NEW dishes to surprize your taste buds
10 april
From April 7th we server a new menu with 5 NEW dishes.
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Beef tenderloin with Tofu in spicy pepper sauce
03 april
Beef is tender and juicy, tofu is silky!
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Crispy spareribs with fried chilli peppers
27 maart
Nothing beats crispy and tender chilli pepper spare ribs!
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Sichuan style pickled radish
20 maart
our new dish- Sichuan style pickled radish-is getting more and more popular in the restaurant!
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Crispy deep-fried sweet corn pancake
15 maart
This is one of our new dishes
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Sichuan style black bean sauce chicken
08 maart
Order now our new black bean sauce dish, you can not go wrong with it!
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The best way to eat Chinese food
27 februari
Have you noticed that in a Chinese restaurant, people don’t order individually?
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Dry-fried green beans with red chilli peppers
20 februari
In the mood for something light?
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