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Crispy deep-fried sweet corn pancake
15 maart
This is one of our new dishes
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Sichuan style black bean sauce chicken
08 maart
Order now our new black bean sauce dish, you can not go wrong with it!
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The best way to eat Chinese food
27 februari
Have you noticed that in a Chinese restaurant, people don’t order individually?
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Dry-fried green beans with red chilli peppers
20 februari
In the mood for something light?
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Will you be my Valentine?
13 februari
Celebrate this Valentines Day in a culinary way!
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The upcoming Sunday is Chinese Lantern Festival!
03 februari
The upcoming Sunday, 5th February is the Chinese Lantern Festival
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How much do you know about the Chinese New Year customs?
30 januari
Did you know that the 15 days starting from the first day of the Chinese New Year to the Lantern Festival are known as the New Year season?
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Lucky foods for Chinese New Year Eve Dinner
18 januari
January 22, 2023 is Chinese New Year!
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Close on Tuesday 10th Jan 2023
09 januari
Our restaurant will be closed for one day on Tuesday January 10, 2023
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Join us to welcome 2023!
31 december
Happy 2023! Thank you for your support and company over the past year.
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