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A tip for you when you eat spicy food
14 november
When you eat spicy food, what do you usually drink to relieve the spiciness in your mouth?
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Make? Or break the meal
07 november
The beverage accompanying the meal can make or break the meal.
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What numbs my tongue?
24 oktober
There are 50 kinds of spices commonly used in Chinese food, among which 17 kinds are commonly used in Sichuan cuisine.
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Ice Jelly
19 oktober
One of essential Chinese dessert
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2 New Cocktails debuted this October
17 oktober
Falling in the charm of Wine and Tea
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Sauteed spicy sliced lamb burritos
15 oktober
There are thousands of ways to make lamb, have you ever tried Sichuan style?
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It is Crab season!
15 oktober
Autumn is the season for seafood in the year
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Mid-Autumn Festival 2022
10 september
Saturday, 10th Sept, it's Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2022!
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Celebrate Mother's Day - treat yours to the perfect meal
09 mei
Fulu Mandarijn wishes ALL mums the happiest Mother’s Day possible, surrounded by their families!
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