Taste the Sichuan cuisine - get to know Chinese food again!

28 一月 2019

Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

The takeaway is a concept in the Netherlands since the 80s, but the dishes we like to order there - foe yong hai, cow loe yoek, babi pangang - are not necessarily representative of traditional Chinese cuisine. At FuLu Mandarijn, they want to change that by only cooking with authentic ingredients and methods of preparation. And the results are phenomenal.


A rich history of Sichuan Cuisine

The chefs at FuLu Mandarijn have more than 40 years of experience in preparing traditional Chinese dishes, with a special focus on Sichuan. This southwestern province is known for its good, spicy food, which is often prepared with the Sichuan pepper which gives off a distinct, aniseed flavor. You can also find this in the dishes of FuLu Mandarijn.

All dishes are prepared with Sichuanese herbs imported from China whose flavors will amaze you. According to tradition, in the cozy FuLu Mandarijn, you can open large tables where you share different dishes with your fellow guests. Food tastes much better when you share it, according to Chinese philosophy.

Sichuan's Spicy peppers

Before you start ordering enthusiastically, first a small warning: the Sichuanese cuisine is generally a lot spicier than those from other Chinese regions. If the food itself is not prepared with spicy peppers, a spicy sauce is often poured over it. So when ordering, look carefully at the ingredients if you do not like spicy. 

Choice stress? These are some of our favorites at FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam

As you are probably used to from Chinese cuisine, the number of dishes on the menu of FuLu Mandarin goes well above a hundred. This can be a challenge, so we have already listed some of our favorites for you:

  • There is a soup in advance for Chinese food. The famous Sichuanese spicy-sour soup with chicken, egg and shiitake has to be tried anyway.
  • Then it is time for a selection of main courses. We would go for the cooked tenderloin in red chilli sauce, Chinese fungus with coriander and stir-fried pak choi with garlic and oyster sauce and of course a portion of rice. In for some adventure? Then order the stir frog legs.

And then of course there are the signature dishes that are recommended by the chefs themselves in the above video. Pretty small chance that you make the wrong choice.

Interested? Visit this stylish, innovative Chinese restaurant at the Rokin for a special night out. Or grab your phone and use our app to have it delivered to your home. We do that with love!


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FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam: The Best Chinese Restaurant in Amsterdam City Center

More information at: www.fulumandarijn.com

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