Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at FuLu with authentic Sichuan Cuisine

21 juni 2023

Dragon Boat Festival is Coming! 


The Dragon Boat Festival is called Duanwu Jie (端午節) in Chinese. Duan (端) means ‘start’, Wu (午) means ‘noon’, but also ‘the fifth solar month’ in the traditional Chinese calendar, centered around the summer solstice. ‘The month of noon’ marks the middle of summer. Hence, the Dragon Boat Festival also means the beginning summer season!

Gathering with family to eat rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival is a wonderful tradition, which is why Fulu Mandarijn would like to give all our dine-in guests to try our handmade ZongZi. Every dine-in customer can get 1 FREE piece of ZongZi from us on 22nd June.*
*while stock lasts

ZongZi is made of glutinous rice filled with sweet or salted staff, such as Peanuts and Jujube, or egg yolk with roasted meats. They are wrapped in triangle or rectangle shapes within bamboo or reed leaves and tied with soaked stalks. This year we made sweet ZongZi for you all!

Don't forget to book a table in advance!




FuLu Mandarijn Amsterdam: The Best Chinese Restaurant in Amsterdam City Center, authentic Chinese food, specializing in Sichuan(Szechuan) cuisine

Fulu Mandarijn Amsterdam: Het beste Chinese restaurant in het centrum van Amsterdam, authentiek Chinees eten, gespecialiseerd in de Sichuan (Szechuan) keuken





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