A classic delicacy: Fried Dumplings!

03 november 2023

Fried dumplings, also known as "guo tie" in Mandarin, are a delectable Chinese dish cherished for their crispy and golden-brown exterior, which encases a savory filling of ground meat (often pork) and aromatic vegetables. These dumplings are typically pan-fried to achieve a delightful combination of a crispy bottom and a tender, juicy interior. A popular choice as both an appetizer and a main course, fried dumplings are a must-try for anyone seeking a delightful taste of Chinese cuisine.




In Fulu Mandarin, we serve 5 pieces of fried dumplings with chicken and vegetable fillings with soy sauce on the side. As the best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, we are always pursuing the highest level of authenticity in the taste of Chinese cuisines, and the fried dumplings we make will definitely stimulate your appetite for more delicious Chinese food!


More information at: www.fulumandarijn.com

Location:Rokin 26, 1012KS, Amsterdam


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