Stewed pork belly slices with preserved Chinese vegetables—— A classic among classics!

21 juni 2024

A classic among classics, a legend among delicacies!

We use the freshest pork, with the best flavor of fat and lean. First, wash and cut the pork into pieces and blanch it in boiling water to remove impurities and blood, so that it retains its original flavor and freshness.

Next, use a needle to poke small holes in the skin of the pate, and then dip-fry the pate in a pot until the skin is golden brown.

Then, we cut the pork into thick slices and marinate it in soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar and other seasonings to make it fully flavored.

Meanwhile, soak and rinse the dried plum cabbage, cut into small pieces and set aside.

Put the marinated pork and dried plums into a pot together, add appropriate amount of water, and steam over a slow fire, so that the fat of the pork slowly blends into the dried plums, and the aroma of the dried plums completely penetrates into the meat, making each bite full of rich flavor.

With a light bite, the fatness of the pork and the fresh aroma of the dried plum cabbage intertwine in your mouth, which is fat but not greasy, soft and flavorful.

Each piece of meat is infused with the unique aroma of dried plums, making it unforgettable once you eat it!

Come to Fulu tonight and try this aromatic pork with preserved mustard greens! It will definitely give your taste buds the ultimate treat!


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