stir-fried fresh whole lobster with chopped chilli peppers——A bite of freshness, the ultimate feast!

11 juli 2024

We select live, home-raised lobsters to ensure that each one is fresh and full of delicate meat. First, the lobster is carefully cleaned to remove impurities and odors to ensure its freshness. Then, the whole lobster is cut into pieces and evenly coated with a special coating.

Next, fry the lobster pieces in hot oil until golden brown and crispy, ensuring a crispy outer skin and a juicy interior. Remove the lobster pieces from the oil and set aside.

In a hot pan, pour in the hot pot base and secret seasoning and stir fry until aroma overflows. Add an appropriate amount of boiling water, bring to the boil and thicken the sauce to make it thicker and spicier.

Finally, pour the fried lobster pieces into the pot and stir-fry them with the spicy sauce so that each piece of lobster is evenly coated with the rich sauce.

When you take a bite, the crispy skin and tender lobster meat in the mouth perfect blend, the secret spicy sauce penetrate, spicy but not dry, fresh but not fishy, can not stop.

This secret spicy lobster, not only retains the original flavor of the lobster, but also adds a unique spicy stimulation, so that people have a long aftertaste, appetite.

Each piece of lobster is full of spicy excitement and seafood freshness, allowing your taste buds to experience the ultimate enjoyment like never before.

Come and try this secret spicy lobster! It will definitely make you indulge in this spicy, fresh and delicious feast that you can't stop eating!


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