National Restaurant Week 2021

30 november 2021


We are proud to announce that we ranked Top 10 restaurants in National Restaurant Week in Amsterdam this year, rated as 9.26 over 10! This is our third time in a row ranked as one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam region.


We served a winning lunch and dinner menu at the friendly price, cooperating with Dining City.


Menu for 2021


- Fried dumplings filled up with chicken, with sweet chill sauce on the side

- Boiled sliced pork belly with garlic sauce

Main course

- Dry-fried chicken leg fillet with dry red chilli peppers

- Dry-fried prawn with spices and dry chilli peppers

- Dry-fried green beans with dry chilli peppers


- Pumpkin cakes


Thank you so much for the support.


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