What numbs my tongue?

24 oktober 2022

What numbs my tongue?


There are 50 kinds of spices commonly used in Chinese food, among which 17 kinds are commonly used in Sichuan cuisine.

In our restaurant we are often asked by guests: I love your food, but what spice is it that numbs my tongue? The answer is: Ma Jiao!

Ma Jiao is actually also called green Sichuan peppercorns. Red Sichuan pepper is typically characterized as stronger-tasting, while green Sichuan pepper is milder but fragrant and has a stronger numbing effect.

Sichuan cuisine is the most popular cuisine among the 8 Great Chinese cuisine, it is good at using various spices flexibly and ingeniously matched to create dozens of complex flavors, such as spicy, hot and sour, red oil, white oil and so on.

As the most authentic Sichuan restaurant in the Netherlands, many of our ingredients and spices are directly imported from China. We believe the most authentic comes from the best ingredients!

Have you tried Ma Jiao before? Did you leave immediately or were you vanquished and addicted to it?



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