Lucky foods for Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

18 januari 2023


January 22, 2023 is Chinese New Year!

The New Year Eve dinner, also called "family reunion dinner”, is considered  as the most important family feast. People usually eat some lucky foods on the New Year's Eve dinner, these lucky foods have special meanings.

Here we have selected some lucky foods for you to ring in the Year of the Rabbit.

1.     Boiled duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy sauce - Reunion

2.     Steamed fresh lobster with Vermicelli and chopped gold and silver garlic - Happiness

3.     Boiled dumplings - Wealthiness

4.     Steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion in soya sauce - Surplus

5.     Dry fried chicken leg fillet with dry red chilli peppers – Good luck

6.     Beef tenderloin with tofu in spicy pepper sauce – Success

7.     Stewed trotters with spicy sauce - Wealthiness

8.     Dry-fried green beans with red chilli pepper - Peace

9.     Stir-fried Chinese cabbage with hot and sour sauce - Fortune

Need ideas for drink? ‘Er Guo Tou’ is a traditional Chinese liquor which goes well with Sichuan cuisine. You can just try and order a shot, it adds to an authentic Chinese way of enjoying the dishes!




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