The Beloved Bubble Tea at Fulu Mandarijn!
15 november
A true embodiment of taste and texture
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Sip the Elegance: Red QiPao Cocktail
10 november
A taste of Chinese tradition in every sip
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Nokdumuk with chilli and coriander
07 november
A special dish with soft texture and spicy flavour!
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A classic delicacy: Fried Dumplings!
03 november
The chicken-filled dumplings are pan-fried to a golden brown crisp and are delicious as a main course or as an appetizer!
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When Seafood Meets Spiciness, Experience them all at Fulu Mandarijn!
27 oktober
Fresh seafood and exciting spiciness create multiple delicious flavors that are sure to satisfy your picky taste buds!
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Enjoy Chinese Double Ninth Festival at Fulu Mandarijn
23 oktober
Celebrate the traditional Chinese Double Ninth Festival at the best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam!
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