One of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2022
28 november
Different from most Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands, we do not offer extensive taste-modified Chinese or Asian dishes, or even a hybrid between Indonesian cuisine and Southern Chinese cuisine.
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Our Giveaway on Thanksgiving!
21 november
Our Giveaway(24.11.2022-25.11.2022) is here!
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A tip for you when you eat spicy food
14 november
When you eat spicy food, what do you usually drink to relieve the spiciness in your mouth?
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Make? Or break the meal
07 november
The beverage accompanying the meal can make or break the meal.
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What numbs my tongue?
24 oktober
There are 50 kinds of spices commonly used in Chinese food, among which 17 kinds are commonly used in Sichuan cuisine.
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