Droog gebakken tofu met knapperig gehakte uien——knapperig en mals met een heerlijke smaak!

05 juli 2024

We use fresh, tender tofu, which is carefully processed and cut into medium cubes to retain its silky texture. The tofu is then coated with cornstarch and gently fried in a skillet until golden brown and crispy, with a crunchy exterior and a soft, rich texture on the inside.

After frying, the tofu is sprinkled with a special seasoning of crispy minced garlic, dried chili peppers and chopped fried onions, giving each bite a rich aroma and a slight spiciness. The perfect blend of crispy tofu and spices brings a different kind of delicious enjoyment.

With a soft bite, the crispy skin, tender inside and the aroma of the herbs and finely chopped fried onions come together in your mouth, making you enjoy the taste one bite after another!

Come to Fulu tonight and enjoy this delicious tofu!


Reservations website:   https://fulumandarijn.com/

Delivery:   fulumandarijn.com  ,   ubereats.com  ,   thuisbezorgd.nl

Phone: +31 20 623 0885 ;+31 20 623 0885

You can call to reserve or get the food from the delivery site.

More information at:   www.fulumandarijn.com

Location: Rokin 26, 1012KS, Amsterdam


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